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Dear Jungian Friend,

We are preparing for a Dream Month here at Jung Platform through June 2022- a summit, a conversation & launch party and a workshop– all for free!
Machiel Klerk began his life mission of educating others through psychology and spirituality after waking up inspired from a vivid night-time dream. The dream led to the successful founding of the Jung Society of Utah and the Jung Platform. On June 14th, Machiel will be in conversation with Jung Platform core faculty members & world-renowned dream workers Robert Bosnak and Stephen Aizenstat. They will discuss the ways to get guidance from dreams through the ancient practice of dream incubation & celebrate the launch of Machiel’s new book Dream Guidance: Connecting to the Soul Through Dream Incubationpublished by Hay House. A dream conversation not to be missed!
Jung Platform will host a fun & practical workshop on dreams with Machiel on June 18th. This live workshop, normally for $67, can be attended for free by those who have bought a copy of Machiel’s Dream Incubation book. Using lots of examples and short exercises, the workshop will help you formulate questions that you can ask your dream to receive guidance. This age-old method has been helpful to people around the world and we hope it will be for you, too! 
On June 23rd, we invite you to join us at our beautiful free summit Dreams and Your Personal Journey. This delicious offering, spread over 4 days, will have conversations with 13 of some of the world’s most well-known Jungian and Spiritual teachers including Thomas Moore, Michael Meade & Tina Stromsted. This promises to be a real dream treat!
Perhaps your members & followers would be interested in these events? Please feel free to share these amazing free events with anyone you think might be interested.
Guiding Dreams,
Gauri and The Jung Platform Team 

Gauri Ramesh
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