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Dear Arpa,
I’m writing from The Pari Center based in Tuscany, a place dedicated to learning and research. It fosters an interdisciplinary approach linking science, the arts, ethics, psychology, community, the role of Indigenous knowledge and the place of the sacred.
We will be running an 8-part online series from February 13 – March 7 entitled Synchronicity, Mind and Matter with Allan Combs, Roderick Main, Mathew Mather, Cruz Mañas Sabbadini, Remo Roth, Shantena Sabbadini, Yuriko Sato, Jean-François Vézina and special guest, poet Richard Berengarten.
We are fortunate to have such a great line-up of internationally renowned scholars on the topic and  are hoping that you would help us to spread the word and share this online event with your community.
All details here:
I have attached the promo poster for the event and all necessary details below.
Thanks so much,
James Peat Barbieri
Associate Programme Director Pari Center
Title of Event: Synchronicity, Mind and Matter
Dates: February 13 – March 7, 2021 – 8 two-hour sessions, one every Saturday and Sunday – 12:00 EST, 17:00 GMT
Speakers: Allan Combs, Roderick Main, Mathew Mather, Cruz Mañas Sabbadini, Remo Roth, Shantena Sabbadini, Yuriko Sato, Jean-François Vezina and special guest, poet Richard Berengarten
Link for information and to register:
Event Description: The term ‘synchronicity’ was introduced by C.G. Jung to denote those experiences in which a coincidence of inner and outer events appears to be particularly significant, transcending causal explanation and carrying a message that often has a remarkable, sometimes numinous, impact on the person experiencing it. When confronted with such experiences we are drawn to look at physical and psychic events as subtly interconnected, perhaps even as manifestation of a common underlying reality. Such an intuition resonates with the findings of quantum physics, in which the description of physical processes inevitably involves the notion of an observer, and was the overarching theme of the correspondence Jung entertained with the Nobel prize winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli over a quarter of a century. In this program we will focus on synchronicity as a gate to a deeper understanding of the relationship between mind and matter and as a guide to read the archetypal energy configurations we encounter in our daily life. This experiential approach to synchronicity will use the I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle, as a tool for ‘inviting synchronicity’.

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