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The Pari Center in conjunction with ISAPZurich is running a major residential Jungian event in June. Could we please ask you to share the following poster and information with your members.

Organizers: The Pari Center and ISAPZURICH

Dates: June 14 – 20, 2022

Speakers: Frédérique Dambreville, Deborah Egger, Andrew Fellows, Christopher Hauke, Mathew Mather, Shantena Sabbadini and Yuriko Sato

Venue: Pari, Tuscany, Italy

For More Information

Contact: Eleanor Peat –

 An invitation to join us for a stimulating and entertaining week in a medieval village in Tuscany with daily presentations by a team of Jungian experts and practitioners.

A defining characteristic of Carl Jung’s extraordinary life’s work is his engagement across all scales, from the cosmic and metaphysical to the personal and psychological. Another is his breadth of influences, from Hermetic to quantum worldviews. This is the context for our exploration of two ubiquitous phenomena that, like fish in water, we take for granted, but which on closer examination are profoundly puzzling: psyche and time. Our perspectives will be scientific, philosophical, symbolic and mythological, clinical and cultural as we zoom in from the universe to the practice room, and end with a trip to the cinema!

This will be an informal meeting with presentations by experts followed by roundtable discussions. Participating in an event at the Pari Center means not only meeting with scholars and experts but living for a week in a medieval village, mingling with the tiny local population, eating local dishes and drinking local wines, appreciating the beauty of the surrounding countryside, and participating in a very gentle way of life far from the frenzy of work and city living. David Peat compared Pari to an alchemical vessel—a place where transformation can come about—as well as an opportunity to pause for a moment and re-assess one’s life. It’s a unique opportunity open to everyone.

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